Who Am I?

Alright, what you all have been waiting for…. more information about me! Here’s the basic info:

-Name: Carmela Mitchell

-Age: 19 years old

-Year: Sophomore

-Major: Political Science (undeclared though..)

-Hometown: Centreville, VA


What more could you ask for? Well, music is my main thing, except singing because that would ruin music for everyone. I really just like listening to music and discovering new bands. I run a music blog on Tumblr which is really fun and if you feel like giving it a look, it’s called police-disco-lights.tumblr.com . So what kind of music do I like? Well, i’m really into 80s Alternative and Synthpop (Joy Division, The Smiths, The Cure, New Order), Post-Punk revival, 90s alternative (Everclear, Live, Sponge), Indie Rock, Alternative Pop. My music taste really just revolves around rock. If I wanted to list all my favorite bands, that would take up too much space.

I learned fast that WordPress ain’t no Tumblr… enjoy!

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