Finally, 8 Stars

This week has been a bit rough. After going on a design killing streak, i realized i messed up. After finally getting my 15 stars, i only had 6 that contributed to The Wire. Boo. I worked really hard to get those 15 stars. At least now i have like 18. Since i only needed 2 stars, i looked for a simple assignment. I decided to choose the “Past Someone’s Head on an Animal.” Not too difficult, just cut out a head/body and swap it. The only problem was choosing an animal and a character. Since the Ziggy and Duck already happened, i was bummed out. Instead choosing a main character, i wanted to bring light to an important yet not as seen character. The Greek, yes, you guessed it. But what do i put The Greek’s head on? Well, i listed off characteristics of The Greek in my head and one that stood out was “wise.” How many animals are wise? This all depends on your interpretation of that. I personally think of owls. The Greek’s head on an owls body, this will be fun. Wow, another difficult step. Choosing the right picture of The Greek and an owl that sync up perfectly. This part made me very frustrated. No matter how many pictures i scrolled through of owls and The Greek, none matched up. I wasn’t going to quit though because only losers quit. The worst part about this was how limited i was on pictures of The Greek. Yes, i could had gotten a screen shot but knowing my skills, it would have came out blurry. So i finally settled. Yes, settled. After you see my picture, you’ll realize that this isn’t the best. I honestly only deserve 2 stars, if that. The process of this assignment isn’t hard, it’s just being happy with the final product. I’m not happy. But what more could i have done? Not to be negative or down on myself but my skills with GIMP and very small. I tried looking up different effects for this but none seemed to fit my needs. Now, i know i said i’m not pleased with my final piece, but it still makes me laugh. The Greek on an owl’s body? LOL. The hat is what makes me giggle the most. You rarely see The Greek without his hat. To be fair, you rarely see The Greek. Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the art. Yes, it’s still considered art because i made it 😉 . ENJOY.. (ignore the poor smudge job. It was my last hope to make the head seem SOME WHAT normal.)

Wise Greek


3 thoughts on “Finally, 8 Stars

  1. I like it! The Greek’s mustache almost looks feathery so it matches! The hat definitely makes the entire thing work. 🙂

  2. I really like this! It works on a couple levels. The Greek is always watching and scheming, like a wise old owl…only he’s an evil wise old owl. Nice job!

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