Who Knew I Was Such A Poet?

Yet again, it was time to choose an assignment from the Assignment Bank. Season 2, episode 1 of The Wire changed dramatically. Unlike the first season, the show takes place on the Harbor where McNulty has been reassigned. Since I haven’t watched the rest of the season, i’m not too sure where it will take us.

Assignment: For my second assignment, I chose from the Audio category. This class is based around our writing/art so why not introduce more audio? I’ve only met a couple of you so it might be more exciting if you heard me speak rather than read. For this assignment I had to write and original poem that also had to reflect an episode of The Wire that we were assigned to watch. Well, each episode is almost 1 hour long so how could i fit all of that into a poem? If i attempted to include everything, my poem would have ended up something similar to The Odyssey by Homer. So instead, I chose to write about my favorite parts. Before I go ahead and talk about each part, here’s the recording followed by the poem itself!


A New Beginning

The Crisp air came from the harbor
A hint of Jameson lingered on McNulty’s breath
Screeching from his pocket came the call for help
Take this cash, he said, don’t tow us right away, he said
Lights flickered as laughing arose from the party boat.
The lights eventually faded away
A familiar voice filled his heart immediately
The sparkle in his eye grew as Moreland spoke of homicides
Shocked, they both were, as Daniel’s emerged from evidence
The family eventually came together, departments not necessary
The wind picked up as McNulty came across new information
As the wind blew, the corpse followed
It’s true home was to City Homicide
Revenged filled McNulty’s veins as his desire to return surfaced.
Analysis: Alright, so as you can tell, almost the first half of the poem is describing the opening scene of the episode. We all know that McNulty was reassigned by the end of the first season. Season 2 picks up with McNulty and his partner just cruising on the harbor after they received a call for help. It turns out that it’s a party boat filled with rich people. The head of party actually bribes McNulty with some cash to not tow them away which is why i wrote “Take the cash, he said, don’t tow us right away, he said.” I actually thought this was really funny because whenever someone writes “he said” lies, it’s usually something like “go to the gym, he said, it will be fun, he said” so i wanted to make that a little funny. You can tell McNulty takes the bribe because a little bit after it shows him dragging the boat along in the darkness which i write as “Lights flickered as laughing arose from the party boat” indicating that it’s night time. My next line is “A familiar voice filled his heart immediately: which is the scene when Moreland comes to the doc to talk to McNulty about a past case that is going to trial, i believed. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ bestfriend/partner reunion? Another part of this episode that caught my attention was when Moreland went to get the evidence and he ran into Daniels. Why is he in the basement? This is why I chose to write “Shocked, they both were, as Daniels emerged from evidence.” Dang, he really got the short end of the sick with that reassignment.I really enjoyed how throughout the beginning of the episode they slowly go back to everyone’s lives wether they have been reassigned or not. That’s where my line “The family eventually came together, departments not necessary” comes into play. I mean, everyone wanted to see the old cast in this first episode. Finally! The last part of my poem which is actually my favorite. When McNulty finds the corpse in the river and gives it over to homicide, he wants to check on the case when he returns to his old department he finds out they dumped it over to Baltimore County (i think). Well, McNulty wanted to screw them over one last time so he does some mad math/science skills and actually determines that the wind blew the body over to Baltimore County but it was initially thrown into Baltimore City. Ha! McNulty records his findings like a good little scientist and faxes it over and the body returns to City Homicide. So now “As the wind blew, the corpse followed” makes sense, right? Ah, I just love McNulty. There’s my simple analysis of my poem, yo.
Recording: This was probably the easiest part of the whole assignment. I opened up my Soundcloud and straight up read my poem. Hopefully you heard some awesome dramatic tones because i tried. But hey, we all can’t be poets, right?

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