The First of Many

Lots of work! We’ve done a good amount of setting up for this semester already! Let’s start by talking about our statement of values. This was a very interesting assignment for our class to complete. My table (6) decided to start at the basics and just brainstorm basic adjectives on how we want the class to be. I’ve never had to do something like this before which was difficult but fun! You can see that our table kept it very minimal and just wanted the class to be a very open space. The next part was more difficult when it came to grading ourselves on this. I know my group and I worked hard to think of how to set up the course values so I think we’re good!

            The next part of this class that I found a bit challenging was setting up my domain. I had to do this for my DS106 course but the subdomain really threw me off. I’m not even sure that I did it properly! I’m sure I’ll figure it out if it’s wrong. Which brings me to my next topic of assessment! We weren’t given a grade scale for this class, which was refreshing. I’m definitely on board with this. I think it’s a great way to learn because it puts less pressure on me to do what the teacher deems is “right” versus me actually learning. Overall, I think the setup of this class is great. I love the community already. What we’ve also been working on is I’ve never heard of this website before! It’s so interesting and cool. The first two weeks we had to annotate a couple articles. I couldn’t figure it out the first week but the second week I annotated the “grading” articles. These were interesting reads from different perspectives. The next two articles we had to annotate for this week was the Star Wars article and the Project Muse article. You can read my annotations about them. These first two weeks have been a bit overwhelming for me but I think soon it will calm down and I’ll get the hang of this all so sorry if I forgot something!


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