Remixing and Mashing up

My title isn’t as creative as the assignments i completed in these past two weeks. Once again, our work was spread out between two weeks. It wasn’t as bad as last week which i waited to do until the last minute. That really sucked. I was more responsible this time and did my work in a decent amount of time. Let’s get down to business and see what i’ve done!

Daily Creates

Doing daily creates are my favorite thing to do because they don’t require much work. The only difficult part about doing them is remembering to. During week 13, i thought i was on a roll and completely all my daily creates. Well, i didn’t. I didn’t realize i only completed 1. WHAT THE HECK. My life is ruined, isn’t it? I hope not. So here they are!


What an interesting word. I love shoes like any other human so this was good. I took a picture of my wonderfully cheap moccasins. Why not? Here’s my post about it! 

TDC 1047

Be Creative With Leaves

This was my first daily create of week 14. My post is here. Since it was too cold outside, i decided to bring the leaves to me and make a smiley face out of them because i LOVE fall!

Tdc 1052

Something You Want To Touch

To be honest, there are so many things i want to touch that i can’t. I made it simple and took a picture of one of them. My dad’s expensive liquor cabinet. It’s just so cool inside and fancy! I wrote some more about it here.

Tdc 1053


8 stars worth of Mashup assignments isn’t so difficult. The only difficult part of trying to find two 4 star assignments that i could manage. I found what i thought was doable and obviously did them!

Movie Mashup: 4 stars

My first Mashup assignment was the “Movie Mashup” assignment worth 4 stars. I enjoy movies so being able to mash up two movies i liked seemed good. I’m also pretty crafty with GIMP so that was fun too. I decided to mashup The Grant Budapest Hotel and The Moonrise Kingdom. Since they’re directed by the same man (Wes Anderson) it was great and easy. Here’s my final piece!

The Grand Moonrise Hotel

Lip Read!: 4.5 stars

My final mashup assignment was “Lip Read”. Everyone loves a good voice dubbing, right? I didn’t think this would be too difficult but it definitely wasn’t easy. I also chose this assignment for a tutorial because i only needed to do one more! Here’s my post about it. Hope you like it!


Remixing was kind of a confusing concept for me to grab. Do i just press the remix button and do as it says? Can i do it another way? It was too much thinking for me so i just pressed the remix button. I ended up getting the emo card. It seemed perfect because the assignment i wanted to remix was the “Classic Album Cover” assignment. Music is great so this was perfect for me. I chose Radiohead’s “Pablo Honey” album and added my emo touch to it! This was worth a total of 4.5 stars.

Pablo Honey Remix

Final Project

As you all know, our final project is coming up. The character i chose to do this assignment on is Stringer Bell. I figure he’s a great character because he grows so much only to die. Here are the assignments i did from his perspective!

Opposites Attract Meme: 4 stars

Opposites attract, usually. In this case, they don’t. One of Stringer’s biggest enemies are the police. They’re always trying to get him. Well, this doesn’t mean they can’t have a few drinks, right? Right. Here’s my post and the picture is below!

A New Friendship

Wanted Poster: 2 stars

Technically Stringer is a criminal, right? He definitely isn’t clean with all the buisness he does. I did the Wanted poster assignment because i thought it was accurate and funny! The detail wants him so bad but they can’t link him to anything. Here’s my post about it!

Wanted: Stringer Bell

Stringer’s Social Media

It wasn’t as easy having to hare the assignments i created through the social media accounts i made for Stringer. It was a little tedious but i did it! Below are the links to pages where you can find the assignments completed and shared. Enjoy!

-Twitter @ String3r_Bell

-Facebook:  @ Russel Stringer Bell

-LinkedIn: Russell Bell (Recent Activity Page)

-Vine: @ Stringer Bell


-I enjoyed Brittany’s assignment here! 

-Nicky’s memes were pretty funny!

-Imran’s GIF was on point here

-David did some great work on the logos

-Meredith did a creative pinterest board for her character here!

-I was impressed with John’s love for Bama here!

-Ien did nice work this week and i liked it!

– Jessica’s video was awesome!

– Again, Jessica did a nice job on this meme

-Imran did another great job here!



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